Kaspersky Support: Fixing Kaspersky Total Security for better safety

Kaspersky protects any system or device from the security threats and types of various viruses. It eliminates every danger that can harm your computer or laptop with dangerous effects. But what if it starts creating a problem for you like unable to open, unable to scan or update? It needs to troubleshoot in such situation.

Let’s see how:

Download the installer
When you purchase a Kaspersky product from the online store, you receive an email. Open that email and select the link to download the installer. If in case, the link has expired, you have to download the installer from the original website of this antivirus. Download the file according to your operating system.

Reinstall the product

  • Firstly, Remove the Kaspersky Total Security from the computer by clicking on Start> Control Panel> Programs> Uninstall a Program> Kaspersky (name of the application)> Yes. Then click Next button and if it is protected then you have to enter the admin password. Select license information and Data Encryption and then again click on Next. Click Remove. If computer asks you to reboot the system, click Yes.
  • Double-click on the downloaded installer. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirement.
  • Close all, running programs and make sure you don’t have any other Kaspersky product installed in the system.
  • Follow the installation steps on wizard.

If you still have some problems with installation or removal, approach to our technical support to troubleshoot this problem. Kindly give a detailed description of your issue so that our executive can diagnose the actual problem related to it and then apply a proper fix to it.

Dial a toll-free Kaspersky Support Australia to avail the help from the proficient engineers. If any user finds that there is a problem while installing, activating, or renewing this program then don’t worry, just connect us to avail the appropriate solution for your problems.


How to Stop Pop-Ups in Kaspersky Antivirus?

The Kaspersky Internet Security application helps you to protect your computer from suspicious malware, viruses and many other harmful sites that you can receive from email and the Internet as well. The application has pop-up notifications that will usually appear when the program suspects a potential threat or if you need to upgrade the software. Although, the pop-up notifications are important, because it warns about threat but still if you want to stop them from appearing by turning on the Personal Firewall feature within the Kaspersky application.

At Kaspersky technical support Australia, we have provided you some steps to follow that enable you to Stop Pop-Ups from your computer in an effective manner. These steps are carefully arranged by our highly talented team of technician, who are very dedicated to provide technical assistant to the user. Moreover, we are highly renowned for our quality service.

  1. Step: Click the “Start” button from your desktop and click the “All Programs” option
  2. Step: Double-click the “Kaspersky Internet Security” option to launch the program
  3. Step: Click on the “Personal Firewall Controls” option from the left-hand navigation panel
  4. Step: Click the “Settings” option below the “Personal Firewall” heading
  5. Step: Click the box next to the “Activate the Personal Firewall” field to select it. Click the “OK” button
  6. Step: Close out of the program and the pop-ups from the application will stop

If in case you would not be able to stop Kaspersky Pop-Ups even by following these steps then you can even Contact Kaspersky support Australia for any type of assistant. Indeed, our technical experts’ beliefs in providing goal oriented resolution to our customers. Moreover, they don’t provide any false instruction to our esteemed customers.

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How to Activate Kaspersky Antivirus?

Kaspersky is an antivirus application that helps to protect your computer from malicious software that may prove dangerous for your computer. When you purchase the software and activate it on your computer, it will provide you an activation code in your email id. This code is necessary to enter into the application, in order to unlock its features.You’re saved data and files are very important to protect, if you will not protect them then you may face any major loss in your upcoming future. Nowadays, almost everyone is saving their important files on their computer because it does not take much time and also you don’t require a huge bunch of real paper.  While considering this fact, people use to save their files on computer. But once you save it, it becomes the great responsibly to take care of it. Through this amazing antivirus software, you enable to secure your data. Moreover,it is very easy to activate and also enable you to get rid of harmful such as viruses, spyware, adware and malware.


We Kaspersky Antivirus Support Australia provided you some step to activate Kaspersky Antivirus in your computer.

Step 1. Launch Kaspersky

Step 2. The option to “Activate Now” will appear upon first launch (and subsequent launches until activated). Click the button

Step 3. Enter your account details

Step 4. Your account will have been created when you purchased the application via the Kaspersky website

Step 5. You have the option to create a new account if you so desire. Select “Next.”

Step 6. Enter your activation code in the designated field

Step 7. Click “Finish” to the complete the activation after your code has been verified.

Step 8. Once activated, you will have access to the full program

These steps will few minutes and your software will be activities in your computer.

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